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Global World $750 Billion Short Of Meeting Green Goals…NFES Is Here to Serve

Apr 2nd, 2011 | By brinvest | Category: OTC Blog

I can’t think of a company more entrenched in a monstrous trend than China’s NF Energy (NFES), and if a week-long 45% surge and today’s updated clean energy stats are indicative of what the future holds, shareholders are in for the ride of their lives. Multi-billion dollar stimulus packages from China and the U.S.—with the bulk

Cel-Sci To Borrow $15 Million; Will Speed-Up Vaccine Development

Apr 2nd, 2011 | By brinvest | Category: OTC Blog

A new item of interest on Cel-Sci Corp. (AMEX: CVM) hit the wires today, and I wanted to address it and the subsequent move in the stock. The company plans to raise $5 million in much-needed funds from an institutional investor to speed up work on its swine-flu treatment and also to “validate” its $15 million

UFood Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Apr 2nd, 2011 | By brinvest | Category: OTC Blog

We haven’t heard much from UFood Restaurant Group, Inc. (UFFC) since it secured nearly $5 million from the private sector in April for expanding its number of locations—14—in both traditional and non-traditional places. In fact, just last week UFood announced that its Chicago franchisee terminated the operation of three UFood Grill Restaurants in Boston, citing the

Friday’s Most Purchased Penny Stocks – SPNG, CTIC, IDGI, GNTA

Apr 2nd, 2011 | By brinvest | Category: OTC Blog

Want to know the penny stocks that other speculators found most compelling late last week? Here are four of Friday’s very favorite penny stocks, as measured by trading volume, net buying, and a loud buzz within the trading community. Who knows… maybe there’s nice trade waiting for you with one of these charts. SpongeTech Delivery Systems,

CEL-SCI (CVM) Surges, Take Some Money and Run

Apr 2nd, 2011 | By brinvest | Category: OTC Blog

Here I am again, trapped between my trader-self (which wants to take a profit on the bird in the hand) and my investor-self (which is eying the two birds in the bush). The source of my conflict is CEL-SCI (CVM) of course… which is up about 111% since we bought it back in June, and