India Central Bank Head Predicts US Market Turmoil – Mike Swanson (08/13/2014)

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Topics: Federal ReserveThis is a story that simply is not fit to be on CNBC, although it is on the Time magazine website. It is titled "A Global Financial Guru Who Predicted the Crisis of 2008 Says More Turmoil May Be Coming." It's a funny story when you realize that this "guru" is not some newsletter guy or talking head, but the head of India's Central Bank. He is not Marc Faber or Gerald Celente, but one of the most important ... [more]

Interview With Palisade Radio On The Gold Bull Market Rocket – Mike Swanson (08/12/2014)

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Topics: Gold Investing and Gold Stocks I did this interview with Palisade Radio about gold and mining stocks. In it I described them as a rocket being fueled up with an ignition switch that can now be pressed at any moment. When it happens it will take everyone by surprise. Will gold and mining stocks be held down for a few more days while the US stock market dumps again or will they simply go up and explode no ... [more]

The Stockdale Paradox and Overvalued Stocks – Mike Swanson (08/11/2014)

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Topics: Stock Market NewsI want to share a paragraph with you today that is at the end of a letter to clients by PFB Wealth Management, a London firm that caters to some of the wealthiest investors in the world. This is what the paragraph says: "Vice Admiral Stockdale was unequivocal: while we need to confront the “brutal facts” of the marketplace, we also need to keep faith that we will prevail. To us, that boils down to avoiding conspicuous overvaluation (in ... [more]

Podcast – Ike Iossif On What His Indicators Say About the Markets Now – Mike Swanson (08/08/2014)

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Topics: Stock Trading StrategiesI just did this podcast with Ike Iossif of In this interview Ike talked about the action in the S&P 500 and gold and what his indicators are telling him about their future. Ike interviews many people each week for his website, including myself, and has them categorized by methodology. These people are many of the top thinkers and traders when it comes to the financial markets, such as people like Frank Barbera and ... [more]

Obama Launches New Bombing War Game – Mike Swanson (08/08/2014)

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Topics: American Society and CultureBush began a war game in Iraq twelve years ago. He invaded Iraq and tried to turn it into a democracy allied with the United States. Instead he turned the nation into a disaster with a weak government now allied with Iran. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield told him it would be fun. Obama then played a war game of his own by sending arms and weapons to Islamic groups in Syria. John ... [more]

Scott Horton Show – Mark Thornton on the War and Fed Connection to Bubble Blowing – Mike Swanson (06/23/2014)

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Topics: Federal ReserveScott Horton interviewed Mark Thornton, Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. They discussed how central banks hide the true costs of war and the narrow segment of society benefiting from the “jobless recovery.” The interview talked about the connection between big government war spending and the crazy boom and bust cycle created by Federal Reserve money printing. To listen to this interview click here. ... [more]

As Correction Looms Yahoo Finance Tells People To Buy – Mike Swanson (08/04/2014)

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Topics: CNBC Bubble Heads Yahoo Finance is aiming in alliance with CNBC to become THE PLACE to go for the gullabull on the internet. Gullabulls are people who believe that buying a market five years into a bull market and holding classifies as smart investing because they think there is no other choice. Just about every trading day Yahoo Finance puts out a video in which someone argues that you need to buy into the US stock market no matter what. So ... [more]

This Week In Money interview – Market Correction Is Here – Mike Swanson (08/03/2014)

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Topics: Stock Market NewsI did an interview with the Canadian radio show This Week In Money. You can listen to my segment at the 30 minute market. To listen click here. Tweet

Podcast – Dow Down 300 Day Market Volatility Begins; with David Skarica – Mike Swanson (08/01/2014)

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Topics: Stock Market News Yesterday the DOW fell over 300 points. I talked with Dave Skarica of right after the close about the implications of this drop. Short-term the market is likely to begin a bounce soon for a few days. But after that you need to worry. The problem is a dangerous herd has formed in the US stock market. It seems that many people have been chasing bubbles all year with the conviction that valuations do ... [more]

Mining Stocks Reveal More Strength in Gold Battle – Mike Swanson (07/30/2014)

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Topics: Gold Investing and Gold StocksGold mining stocks are acting stronger than gold. No one can doubt that. You can see the charts of this yourself in this video update below. This is important, because the action in the stocks tends to lead the action in the metal. It's bullish when the stocks act stronger than gold. This morning gold fell below $1,300 an ounce after the release of 2nd quarter GDP numbers that were better than expected. What we ... [more]