Marc Faber Talks Investments With Bloomberg – Mike Swanson (03/27/2013)

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Topics: Stock Trading Strategies Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, discusses U.S. markets, Europe's financial woes and investment strategy. He talks with Tom Keene and Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

The Beliefs and Reality of Investors – Mike Swanson (03/27/2013)

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Topics: US EconomyThis is a neat chart from the blog of Lance Roberts: Roberts writes, "the reason that investor's perform so poorly over long periods of time is that investors continually extrapolate current trends (reality) indefinitely into the future (belief). It is in that moment, when "contrarian investment views" are regularly disregarded as irrational fears, that a new "reality" presents itself." He goes on to say, "each time as "belief" separated from "reality" investors repeatedly made the ... [more]

Umbrella Terrifies A Washington Community – Mike Swanson (03/26/2013)

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Topics: A World Gone Mad - Humurous Stories in Odd TimesIn Olympia, Washington three schools were locked down when a man was seen walking with an umbrella. Americans are now just as scared of each other as they are of the rest of the world. We are turning the war on terror inward in a national freakout being fed by nonstop TV coverage of crimes and gun violence even though crimes and gun violence have gone down in ... [more]

TRN: Cyprus Crisis Reveals Shadowy World of Tax and Money Laundering Haven – Mike Swanson (03/26/2013)

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Topics: European Debt Crisis James Henry: Bailout deal includes capital controls and punishing big Russian depositors to pay off European banks -- leaves Cyprus looking for a "new way to make a living".

Cyprus Completes Bailout Deal – Mike Swanson (03/25/2013)

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Topics: European Debt CrisisAfter negotiations last night Cyprus completed a bailout deal with the ECB/IMF/EU troika. The deal will send the Popular Bank of Cyprus into bankruptcy and save the country's other banks, including the Bank of Cyprus. Essentially Popular Bank is being labeled a "bad bank." Its good assets are being moved to the Bank of Cyprus. To pay for the bailout deposits over $100,000 in the Popular Bank are going to be seized by the troika. Accounts ... [more]

Is This The Start Of A FOX News Smear Campaign Against Peter Schiff? – Mike Swanson (03/25/2013)

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Topics: US Economy Last week Peter Schiff appeared on Fox Business Channel as a guest and talked about the Cyprus debt collapse. After he talked the producer took him off the air and then had Lou Dobbs rebut him - and then personally smear him. Of course they did not allow Schiff to answer the smears. In Dobbs's view the economy right now is great and getting stronger and to question that means to question the nation itself. At the 11:25 ... [more]

Why Our American Democracy Is Disintegrating – Mike Swanson (03/24/2013)

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Topics: American Society and CultureOne thing about the Cyprus situation really stands out to me - the people there stood up last week and have tried to push back the IMF/ECB/EU attack on them. The international banking troika a week ago wanted to take 10% of everyone's banking assets to pay for a bailout of Cyprus's banks. Bankers weren't going to have to pay for their stupid loans. They wanted to make the people pay for the stupid mistakes of the ... [more]

A Reader Asks: Why Invest in Italy and Russia? – Mike Swanson (03/23/2013)

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Topics: Stock Trading StrategiesI am a little behind in my emails, but I want to share with you a reply I just gave to one, because his email is typical of many I have been getting the past two weeks. With the news on TV about Cyprus and Italy the past few weeks a lot of people now doubt that I am doing right thing to invest in Europe. His email: I am looking at the continued sell off in Russia ... [more]

Podcast – David Morgan On The Next Bull Move In Silver – Mike Swanson (03/22/2013)

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Topics: CommoditiesI just did this podcast with David Morgan of in which we discussed the potential bull move in silver coming around the corner. Also check out David Morgan's new site You can also download the mp3 audio file for this interview on your computer by clicking here WITH A RIGHT BUTTON CLICK and selecting SAVE FILE AS from the drop down menu. If you have an itunes, ipod, or rss reader you can subscribe to the podcast ... [more]

Ben Bernanke Says There Is No Bubble – Mike Swanson (03/21/2013)

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Topics: Federal ReserveYesterday the Federal Reserve held a meeting and released a policy statement. I completely forgot that this was going to happen this week. Fed meetings used to be a big deal, because going into them we would wonder whether the Fed would raise rates or lower them, but now that the Fed is doing unlimited QE we know what they are going to do at every meeting - nothing different - so the meetings are no ... [more]