Now Investment Legend Mark Mobious Says Time To "Shift Out Of US Stocks" (04/21/2015)

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Topics: Stock Market News So now Mark Mobious - another billionaire money manager - says it is time to "shift out" of US stocks and go into other markets.

Great Paul Tudor Jones Documentary – Mike Swanson (04/21/2015)

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Topics: Stock Trading StrategiesThis is an excellent and hard to find documentary on Paul Tudor Jones done in the 1980's. It is well worth watching. He tripled his money during the 1987 stock market crash and has been one of the most successful hedge fund managers of our generation. He also warned of a more dangerous bubble that has formed today and coming drop to come thanks to Fed QE policies and a "mania" among stock market bulls. For this warning many little ... [more]

People Who Think Stocks Are Overvalued Are Flocking Into Oil – Mike Swanson (04/20/2015)

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Topics: CommoditiesFrom a story today at Bloomberg:

Joseph Gladbach and his fellow bankers at Jefferies Group field three to five calls a day from investors eager to park their millions in energy stocks or bonds in the worst down cycle in 30 years. They’re no dummies, Gladbach says. One of the biggest mysteries of the oil market crash is why the money hasn’t dried up. The collapse in crude prices was supposed to devastate companies and spook investors after wiping more than
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April/May Safe Haven Play – It Is That Time Again! – Chris Vermeulen (04/20/2015)

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Topics: Stock Market NewsEach year traders try to navigate their way through the financial market and turn a profit. But this is difficult. The stock market provides market participants with several opportunities each. With all the holidays and climate changes the market as a whole along with specific sectors typically have seasonal rallies and sell off in price. As May approaches many of us are starting to figure out how to play the “Sell in May and Go Away” potential move. I cannot ... [more]

Will You Be A "True Survivor" In The Next Bear Market? – Mike Swanson (04/17/2016)

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Topics: Bear MarketYesterday pop music history was made when David Hasseloff released this new music video that is part of a new movie titled True Survivor. "True Survivor" is everything you could want in an '80s theme, from repetitive synth arpeggios to uplifting lyrics about not giving up in the face of peril. The video features The Hoff ass-kicking, car-jumping and crooning through a gritty Miami—mostly in front of a sweet car mysteriously surrounded by fuschia fog. The backdrop of the ... [more]

Why Next Friday April 24 Is Now Key For Greece (04/17/2015)

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Topics: Greece Debt Crisis From the Guardian:

The Syriza-led coalition has been at loggerheads with the so-called Troika of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union since coming to power in late January. Athens has been told that unless it submits a revised economic plan to Brussels, eurozone finance ministers may decide not to provide Greece with financial help to pay its debts. Peter Kazimir, the Slovak finance minister, said he was pessimistic about a deal being done
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Stock Market Mastermind Session With David Skarica 1 PM EST – Mike Swanson (04/17/2015)

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Topics: Stock Market News This stock market mastermind session with David Skarica will begin today at 1PM EST. Return to this page at 1PM EST. Tweet

Gold Price: Year 2000 All Over Again – How Will You Play It This Time? – Chris Vermeulen (04/17/2015)

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Topics: Gold Investing and Gold StocksRecently business and financial guru Mark Cuban wrote an article about why this tech bubble is going to be worse than the tech bubble of 2000. This made me take another look at the long term charts again, but instead of looking up the NASDAQ or the tech sector I decided to check out gold mining stocks, gold price and the Dollar index. From looking at the price action among the precious metals sector and the ... [more]

Now Billionaire Hedge Fund Superstar Druckenmiller: Warns This could end ‘very badly’ – Mike Swanson (04/16/2015)

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Topics: Bear Market Billionaire and former hedge fund super star Stanley Druckenmiller now warns that the easy money Fed policies of recent years could end in disaster. Druckenmiller was one of the most successful hedge fund managers of the 1980's and 1990's and is a legend. "I know it's so tempting to go ahead and make investments and it looks good for today," the retired founder of Duquense Capital Management said, "but when this thing ends, because we've had speculation, we've had money ... [more]

Talking Stock Market Cycles With Linda Jones Of Be Wealthy and Smart – Mike Swanson (04/15/2015)

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Topics: Money Management StrategiesI did an interview for Linda Jones who hosts a podcast titled Be Wealthy and Smart. In this interview I talked with her about navigating stock market cycles as an investor and what I think is going on in a big picture terms of things with the US stock market, bonds, gold, and commodities. There is a little audio feedback in this interview - I think was caused by a speaker on my end - but it is ... [more]