Federal Reserve Economic Projections for 2012 and Interest Rate Policy – Mike Swanson (12/20/11)

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A few weeks ago the Federal Reserve Board changed its stance on predictions for U.S. economic growth in 2012, saying the economy should expand between 2 percent to 2.5 percent rather than as much as 2.9 percent. Back on Nov. 2, the FRB raised projections for unemployment through 2012, and said the European debt crisis also poses a significant risk for the U.S. economy going forward. read more

Eldorado Gold (NYSEARCA: EGO) Shares Down Today But Not Out – Mike Swanson (12/19/11)

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Shares of Eldorado Gold (NYSEARCA: EGO) are down over ten percent today in mid-morning action thanks to overall weakness in gold stocks and news that it is acquiring European Goldfields Limited (TSE: EGU), a two billion dollar plus market cap gold mining and exploration company with over 9.2 million ounces of gold reserves and mining properties in various exploration and production stages in Turkey, Romania, and Greece. Eldorado bought European Goldfields Limited at 48% premium of its average price of the ... [more]

Stock Market Outlook for the Coming Week – Mike Swanson (12/19/11)

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For the week ending Dec. 16 U.S. stocks finished on a down note as concerns about the European debt crisis continued to linger among investors. Eurozone leaders are trying to put rules into place that call for all member nations to present balanced budgets or face immediate sanctions for overspending. Observers say these changes, which would have to be written into each country’s constitution, could take one year or more to complete. read more

Book Review: The Big Short by Michael Lewis – Howard Arnn (12/16/11)

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If had to say one word about this book it would be outstanding! Michael Lewis has provided a gripping account of the series of events that led us into what many have called the deepest recession since the great depression. The 2007-2008 financial crises in part were due to subprime mortgages funded in 2005, with “lower teaser rates” evaporating after a 2 year term. read more

How to Play Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA) – Mike Swanson (12/16/11)

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The hot stock for the moment is Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA). It just raised $1 billion dollars in an initial public offering today that saw high demand and priced shares at the top of its range. It is set to open trading today. This is the biggest IPO issue by an internet company based in the United States since Google raised close to two billion back in 2004. How does one play it? What is it? read more

Are Hedge Funds and People Like John Paulson Behind the Drop in Gold? – Mike Swanson (12/15/11)

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With a lot of people proclaiming that the 11 year gold bull market is over and with the recent drop in gold it is time to sit back and think for a second. Yes as I posted yesterday it does look like gold is in a correction and I think that it is likely to continue until the Euro crisis is over and we get a final bottom in what to me is a global bear market. ... [more]

Economists See Some Good News For Real Estate Prices In 2012 – (12/15/11)

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It appears there is some good news for real estate players here as we close out 2011 and approach the dawn of 2012 although it may be tenuous at best, according to a comparison of statements released by industry groups. read more

US Dollar Breakout Causes Drop in Gold (NYSE: GLD) and Gold Stocks (NYSE: GDX) – Mike Swanson (12/14/11)

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As of noon gold is trading down over 50 dollars as the US dollar index has broken out of a base that it has been building since September. This move is coming after the Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it was standing pat for the moment on further easing of monetary policy. The breakout should be no surprise to anyone, because just as the dollar has broken out the euro has broken down. It was obvious on the charts ... [more]

Is Live Deal! (NASDAQ: LIVE) the Next Day Trader Stock Play? – Mike Swanson (12/13/11)

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Live Deal! (Nasdaq: LIVE) is now on my radar as a potential stock play. Shares for LIVE rallied 286% today on trading volume of over 1.2 million shares - which is huge compared to its average volume of less than 2,000 shares a day and is over twice the size of its share float. I do not see it as a stock to invest in for the long-term, but it may make another big move like this before the year ... [more]

Mitt Romney is a Creature of Wall Street – Mike Swanson (12/13/11)

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Mitt Romney is a creature Wall Street who will only bring the country to further ruin if he is elected President. In my honest opinion we would be better off if anyone else besides him gets the Republican nomination and if he gets the nomination it would be even be better if Obama simply remains President. And I am someone who did not vote for Obama in the last election and do not like the job he has done at ... [more]