Dennis Rodman Gets Smeared by TV News For Going to North Korea – Mike Swanson (03/05/2013)

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WSW Articles: Stock Market CommentaryTopics: Foreign AffairsDennis Rodman went to North Korea and apparently spent two days with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. According to press reports he is the first American to meet with him since he has taken power. One thing interesting is how the media is playing the story. North Korea is an enemy of the United States so TV news throws any rational discussion out the window and emphasizes danger and threats. It ... [more]

Wealth Inequality in America – Mike Swanson (03/04/2013)

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This is a video that has gone viral on Youtube. In my view this is partly a function of the growth of industries tied to the government that operate outside of the free market that other businesses and everyone else has to live in. These are industries that are dependent on government spending and cost+plus contracts such as the military-industrial complex and industries that are handed money in bailouts and Fed money printing such as the entire financial ... [more]

WSW Open Portfolio – Doing a Little Selling – Mike Swanson (03/04/2013)

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I am doing a little selling in a few positions today. I bought them the other week, but I now think the correction in the market is going to last a little longer than I was thinking when I bought them. At the time if the market had gone lower last week I had thought the correction would end. But the move up in the middle of the week makes it more likely that it will now ... [more]

Video of Goldbugs Uniting Against Dennis Gartman and Other Notorious Gold Bears – Mike Swanson (02/24/2013)

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Dennis Gartman Goes Short and Calls for Stock Market Collapse – Mike Swanson (02/22/2013)

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"I think the fed has told us they are going -- as john said, they're going to vary the amount of money that goes into the system, they're going to reduce it at the edge, they're not going to be as aggressive as they have been. the economy is reasonably strong. we'll see if it can stand on its own. philly fed wasn't. that was ugly. oh, that number was just -- horrific. that didn't help any at all. ... [more]

WSW Open Portfolio – Some New Buys Today in Commodity Stocks – Mike Swanson (02/21/2013)

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Finally we are getting a little bit of a pullback in the stock market and a drop in gold and commodities. I have been wanting to build a commodity position for weeks so I am going to start to buy some commodity stocks today. I'm buying into the coal and shipping sectors today. Buying: VLCCF 750 @ 6.71 CNX 150 X 32.91 BTU 200 X 23.13 WLT 140 X 36.16 KOL 200 X 24.15 RNO 350 X 14.27 You can see a list of my transactions ... [more]

TV Cartoons Programmed Kids to Hate Gold Bugs – Mike Swanson (02/19/2013)

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After-school Fed Propaganda from the 80s: The evil Cobra organization tries to replace fiat money with a privately coined gold currency, but are shut down by the heroic G.I. Joe special forces team. The show taught us that paper money is good and hard money is bad,because it isn't created by the government and associated gold bugs with terrorism/communism. Amazing how much TV is just pure propaganda. Topics: American Society and CultureWSW Articles: Stock Market Commentary

WSW Open Portfolio – Update and Deposit – Mike Swanson (02/16/2013)

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I just made an $8,000 deposit to my Open Portfolio. If you are new this is a model portfolio I setup using Google Finance to mimic my real trading/investing account. Instead of picks I believe the best way to help you is to show you what I'm really doing. One thing Google doesn't do though is keep up with dividend payments, so a big chunk of this $8,000 deposit is a record keeping deposit to keep up ... [more]

Podcast: Commodities Is the Next Big Play with Dave Skarica – Mike Swanson (02/13/2013)

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I just did this podcast with Dave Skarica of In this podcast Dave and I talked about the current action in European markets, the US stock market, and commodities. Right now I'm over 70% invested in what are mostly ETF's that focus on Europe and individual stocks there. I also own GLD and GDXJ. So I have some cash reserves and hope to put some new cash in my account soon. I plan on using ... [more]

Podcast: Why Feb 21 May Become a Key Date for Gold Stocks, With Dave Skarica – Mike Swanson (02/06/2013)

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I just did this podcast with Dave Skarica of In this podcast Dave and I talked about gold and gold stocks and why February 21, 2013 may prove to be a key date for them. You can also download the mp3 audio file for this interview on your computer by clicking here WITH A RIGHT BUTTON CLICK and selecting SAVE FILE AS from the drop down menu. If you have an itunes, ipod, or rss reader you can ... [more]